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Pointing And Rebeding
Brick and Stone Damage Repair
For a variety of reasons bricks can get damaged, marked or stained. You  may have had a downpipe fixed to your wall which has been removed or cracks have appeared over time due to new windows or door installations. Your wall now is left with unsightly holes, cracked or broken bricks and needs repairing.
Using a power drill or grinder we rake out the cement, make several holes in the brick to be removed and then cut out the damaged area. The mortar and dust is swept out of the joints and flushed away by hosing down with water.
To replace damaged bricks we need to ensure that the same type of materials are used, the sand and cement is mixed to the strength and colour matched with the existing mortar. We lay a bed of mortar to the area where the replacements will be laid and skilfully point the cement to finish.

Acid  Or Power Cleaning
We understand how different stone surfaces stand up to the blasting process,  so are able to advise on the most suitable sandblasting procedure for a particular application. With our expertise and careful selection of blast media used at the correct pressure even the softness of stone can usually be cleaned without damage to intricate areas.
We are also able to shot blast concrete surfaces whether vertical or horizontal, internal or external.
Using blast-cleaning methods, we can remove layers of old paint and tarnish to restore stone work to its original splendour, or prepare the surface for a new paint job.  Large areas of graffiti can usually be removed successfully and with the minimum amount of preparation for tanking of damp walls.

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Our Services Include

: Brickwork Pointing
: Brickwork Repairs
: Chimney Pointing
: Crack Stitching
: Garden Wall Pointing
: Ridge Tile Pointing
: Stonework Pointing
: Stonework Repairs
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