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Cleaning Services

: Decking
: Driveways
: Guttering
: Patios
: Paving
: Roofs
: Walls
: Upvc
Additional Services

: Chimney Guards
: Driveway Colour Coating
: Grouting
:Guttering Guards
: Gutter Clearing
: House Painting
: Re-Sanding
: Re-Pointing
: Sealing Treatments
: And Many More

First we lay tarpaulin sheets down on the ground and cover up anything  which may get dirty during the cleaning process, we also disconnect any  downpipes and place net bags over drains to allow water to flow, but to  prevent anything unwanted entering your drains.

We then pressure clean your roof, adjusting the pressure depending on  the type of tile we're cleaning to ensure we only remove the moss,  lichen, algae and dirt from the tile without causing any damage to the  surface of the tile. Once all the moss, lichen, algae and dirt has been  cleaned off your roof, we can then clearly see what repairs need to be  done.

We then do any necessary re-pointing of your ridge tiles and replace any cracked, broken or missing tiles.
Once all the necessary repairs have been done, we then treat your roof  with an organic anti-fungal agent which kills any remaining roots and  spores in the tiles.

The Final Process...
We finish the process by vacuuming your gutters, wash down windows,  frames and doors, to leave the exterior of your house in pristine  condition.
If you would like any further information or have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Gutter Cleaning Inspection...
we offer as standard a FREE inspection. We are able to show you there and then during the inspection  what condition the guttering is in. We will repeat the inspection after the cleaning to ensure the gutters and down pipes are  thoroughly clean.

Gutter Cleaning...
we  clean commercial and residential gutters from the safety of the ground,  quickly and efficiently, using powerful vacuum units and lightweight  carbon fiber poles.
Our  method of cleaning gutters enables us to reach over awkward spaces like  extensions, conservatories and fragile roof. This avoids the need for  expensive scaffolding and the use of ladders whenever possible.

Gutter Guard Install...
Gutter brush is definitely our top choice  of gutter guards. It sits in the guttering and allows water to drain  effectively, but also prevents the debris from going into the gutters.  Some gutter brush manufacturers state that gutter brush is maintenance  free. We don’t 100% agree with this statement but it definitely prevents  the risk of blockages and reduces the frequency that gutters need to be  cleaned. Adding to this, when your gutter guards do need to be removed,  cleaned and re installed, it can be done easily.

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