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We offer gravel driveways, tarmac driveways, resin driveways and block paving driveways to our valued customers. But don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly what you want. It’s not necessary to make a decision before contacting us as our driveways specialist will go through the options you have during your consultation.

The first impression of a home is often spoilt by the poor quality of the driveway. Housing developers in the past tended to use either tarmac or concrete for driveways. Whilst both successfully provide a hard standing and server the purpose, neither is particularly attractive. After a few years the surface can become worn and damaged by the weather making the driveway even more unattractive.

We undertake a variety of driveway work in Cambridge and surrounding areas. We can offer block paving, concrete, gravel, decorative chippings, resin, and tarmac driveways.

The most important part of any driveway project is the preparation. We take great care to ensure that the site is adequately excavated to the formation level and that the sub base material is appropriate to the job, properly laid and compacted. A limestone aggregate Type 1 Sub Base layer is laid to spread the load evenly to the base layer beneath. Where necessary, this is laid on a Geotextile Membrane to provide a barrier to prevent the two layers from being mixed together.

The other critical part is the choice of paving materials. It is important to choose materials that complement the design and character of your your home and the surrounding landscape.


We take the same care over the preparation of the site for laying concrete driveways. The  sub base preparation is just as important to ensure a long and trouble  free life for concrete driveways. We use high quality ready mix for the  concrete slab.


Gravel driveways are the most economical option, so they’re a popular  choice if you’re on a budget. Gravel driveways are also permeable by  nature.

There is a myriad of materials and colours available for gravel  driveways - natural stone chippings and decorative gravel in a wide  range of colours. A good choice of material can make our driveway look  stunning. Because of the wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours,  we’re able to match your gravel driveway to suit your home.

Gravel driveways work particularly well for long, sweeping  approaches to a large property and there is something special about the  crunching sound of your wheels on the gravel as you approach your  home. It’s also a security benefit as you can hear people coming!
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